Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pat A Cake

Pat a cake, pat a as I was conditioning my clay, that rhyme kept going through my head. I was so excited about bringing my clay to the Blue Skies Gallery to demonstrate today. Another artist and I brought things we had made and lots of clay to work with. Right away we had a crowd, well....not a crowd, but just about everyone in the gallery came over to look. My sister suggested I put out a bowl full of beads and that proved to be a magnet for everyone. People couldn't keep their hands out of that bowl!

These are the miniatures I made for a show at the Charles Taylor Art Center and decided at the last minute not to enter them. They are just not my  best work, so I'll wait til next year and come up with a better idea.


martinealison said...

Un magnifique travail, tel celui d'une dentellière... Un travail précieux...
Je vous félicite et je comprends pourquoi la foule se presse pour voir vos oeuvres.
Gros bisous

Myron said...

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