Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brrrr....It's Chilly in My Studio

It's so cold outside this evening, I might have to turn on the heat in the studio, or maybe put a sweater on.  Speaking of cold...I've had a can chilling in my fridge for a YEAR! Can you believe that? It's a dragonfly wing that I made last year, planning on having it done in a few days. Well, better late than never. Today I sliced and baked. But, the wing is so big ( about 5 inches long) that it was difficult to slice neatly. I had to piece it together, which looked great when I did it, but when I took it out of it's ice bath, it was very apparent where it was mended. So now I'm contemplating. Do I start over, or try to use it as is? Check back to see what I did.

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