Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Stamping

The last three days have just zoomed by and I've gotten into my studio every chance I can, but have not accomplished as much as I planned. The whole idea of including my stamps into a collage or painting has given me so many ideas that I hardly know where to go next. Well, that's not true...I have a plan and hope I can get it done by Friday. Stay tuned.

My new friend, Nicki Ault, brought up an interesting question as she responded to a comment I left on her blog. Her work is so beautiful so I said she should drop the word 'beginner' from her introduction. Her response was to ask how do we know when to stop calling ourselves beginners? I thought about that for awhile. What do you think? Do you still call yourself a beginner? If not, when and how did you decide not to be called that anymore? Thanks for your comments, friends.

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Collage, printmaking and painting are all what I love! Happy creating, Deborah.