Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three Practice Collages

My weekend has been productive and quiet. If I get too many phone calls or go out anywhere I can never pick up the pace until the next day. And even my little cat guys slept all day and didn't demand too much attention.

I've been practicing making collages according to Anne Bagby's video and I've been stopping and starting it all day, just to listen very carefully to what she says. The video is packed with ideas and information. It seems as if I took a course, but this is better because I can go back and watch reruns.

My goal was to understand what she does so I can take some of her ideas to incorporate into my work. I've always been fascinated by collages, but wasn't sure where to start. I've tried some, but was never 100% satisfied. The real hook for me was the stamping because I've tried to make my own stamps and have a few succesful ones, but didn't know how to really put them to their best use.

So what do you think about my little experiments? I can tell you I learned a lot! Now I'm anxious to start my five paintings for a show in January. head is spinning with ideas.

These are all about 6x14. I didn't include hands which I would have done if these were not just for learning purposes. I think I'll tack them up in the studio so I can study them for a few days. They were a heck of a lot of fun!


Leslie Hawes said...

Love them!
#2 is my fave. Very Gustav Klimt.

Sheila said...

ooo.... I love the colors of the second one and I really dig the unique composition of the third!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I really like #3. The black, white and gray is very appealing. I like the repeated shapes in your prints.

Nicki said...

These are fantastic! Fantastic I say! Keep going on this path... you have gotten me very excited. I don't know if I have a favorite... maybe #2, no maybe #1... no, wait, I like # 3... oh heck, I like ALL of them... I even like #4 and I haven't seen it yet!

Deborah Ross said...

Thank you, my friends...your comments mean a lot to me. Today I'm going to keep going down this path, like Nicki says, and I'll think about your specific comments. Leslie, Klimt is one of my very favorites! And Sheila and Elizabeth, I think I like 3 best also. Thanks!

Jeanne said...

Debbie, I love these. that sounds like a great video. I am busy making scarves. Jeanne

Dean Grey said...

These are so unique looking, Deborah!

They look like high-end fashion illustrations!

Colorful, different, and fun!


Sharon Wright said...

Absolutely fabulous, fascinating! I am so envious of your adventurous, experimental spirit. Keep them coming. You are certainly no beginner!