Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miniatures by Hampton Roads Artists

Well, I just got back from the show and it was fabulous! It was held at the Charles Taylor Art Center in Hampton. There were many intriguing assemblages and mixed media works. I really need to go back and study some of them, because there were so many people there and I'm so short that I couldn't really see some of them. The work was really amazing, even better than I expected. I recognized a lot of names and saw several other artists I know from classes or being members of Blue Skies Gallery. It's really nice to feel like a part of the area artists, kind of like being in a club. This is what I always wanted, to feel like a real artist, even though I've always known I was, deep down inside. Now people recognize me and remember my work, and this was an invitational show,


Paula Villanova said...

Sounds like it was an excellent event! It is cool being part of that larger community and when people remember your work, it's a nice feeling. Nice picture!

Deborah J said...

I worked with you once at Blue Skies and noticed your blog on Tracy Helgeson's links. I saw your paintings at the Small Works opening tonight. Good show!

Serena said...

You certainly look very happy in the pic, Deborah....I'm glad to hear it went so well. :)