Monday, October 27, 2008

One Big Painting

I worked on this most of the day, except for going to the bank and getting my hair cut.  I think another three hours should do it. What do you think? I really put in more time on this than I usually do. After two or three hours I usually get tired and have to quit, but not today. Saturday I spent about five hours in the emergency room because of a mixup with my family doctor. Everything is ok now, I just had a little bug that was making me feel exhausted. After three days of meds I feel like a new person. So tomorrow I'll charge into my studio and let the cleaning lady have the rest of the house....and she's coming at 8 am. Yikes! Sorry, I'm rambling. So this painting is way out of my comfort zone, painting alone is still a challenge for me. But this thing is huge by my usual standards. It's 24x18. I had to paint the top sideways because I couldn't reach that high.


Paula Villanova said...

Wow, that's really interesting that you painted the top sideways. It looks great! Glad you're feeling better and your studio looks awesome.

Serena said...

Sorry to hear you had to spend some time in emergency but I'm glad you're okay. The painting is looking wonderful!

Uta said...

Oh Deborah, I love this painting. When it first came on the screen it took my breath away. Truly wonderful piece.
Sorry to hear you've been sick. I've been sick all week too with a virus and I miss my art. Back to the easel today yay!