Friday, May 2, 2008

Art and Soul Retreat

I just got home from the Art and Soul Retreat today, and it was great! Yesterday, too was a cool experience. Yesterday I was in Zia's Soul Map, and while we designed our soul maps, Zana helped us discover our life number and how to create a new signature. It was all very metaphysical. The best part for me was meeting Joyce from Cape Cod, who I plan to keep in touch with. People have come from all over...I've seen nametags from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, Montana, New York, and of course North Carolina, DC, and Maryland. I love to meet and talk to other creative people. That's Zana, below, with the short red hair.

Today I had a wonderful class, Byzantine Chain Bracelet with PMC. The teachers, Scott David Plumlee and Sherri Haab,  were excellent, certainly the best I've ever encountered. They used all the steps to teach us that I used in the classroom. State the objective, demonstrate, repeat the directions, work the crowd to give individual help or praise, and repeat directions, repeat directions, repeat directions, etc. It was difficult to get a good picture of the silver, but I hope you can see it's a rabbit and two charms.

 I've started the chain so I can put it all together to make a bracelet, but let me tell you......making the chain is a chore you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. It was surely designed as a punishment. We had to open these teeny tiny silver rings, then hook them on one by one, close them up and so on and on and on.  Many experienced people had come armed with exotic magnifying devices, but did I know that beforehand? No, of course not. I had to suffer along with other novices. You see how much I got done, don't you? I know I'll eventually finish it, but don't look for it to be dangling from my arm anytime soon. More on Sunday.....

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