Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Art and Soul

When I scheduled my classes at Art and Soul I'm sure my brain was assuming it was the old me, before I was paralyzed, because I cannot go to a class all day, drive home for a nap, and get up and go back. It just won't happen. Now, five years ago I could have done it, no sweat. 

This is Lynn, from New Jersey, and her great house.
This is Kristina working on her birdhouse. She even had a special nest for the front porch.

This is my house, front and back.

You can see how busy everyone was today in A Place to Nest. We learned all about patinas, certain glues, cold connecting metal, certain tools, and embossing metal tape. I learned alot that I can apply to my work. And....I used a drill for the first time! 

Kristina sat next to me and she had some really awesome ideas for her house, for instance she wrote FLY with two letters on the side and one letter on the back. It really looked interesting. You can see how different everyone's house turned out. I, of course, had to incorporate beads in my house.