Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firey Tones

Well. I'm back. I have a few I'm working on, but they are still under wraps. But the final picture of 'Cash Box' is here. Do you see the center, how it looks black now instead of white? I wish you could be here to see it. It has so many metallic undertones, and the center has a glow with the black. My new one, 'Untitled 0' is a real surprise to me! I don't know where that came from! My hand kept moving and that's what came out.
Tomorrow I'm going to work at Ilse's house and I can't take all my paints, so I'll be working on a pencil piece I had put aside. So all of you traditional art fans will feel relieved to see it. :-) Well, enough for now. I'm going to eat Chinese food.

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