Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Painting From the Spirit

Revised WIP
Tomorrow will bring a bird or two, or maybe three.

Part of the time when I was painting today I was thinking ( because most of the time I'm not thinking, just painting) about what draws me to a work of art. What makes one painting stand out more than others? What is it that makes me gasp when I see an outstanding piece?

The answer, for me, is complicated, as I expect it is for you, too. I love bold, bright colors . But, then, some pastel pieces appeal to me, also. Highly detailed pieces draw me in. But so do some abstracts with only large, simple shapes. Unusual layouts, unexpexted color combinations, and emotional subjects are also important to me. I could never begin to paint in all the styles that I find intriguing. How do you approach a new painting? Do you plan down to a t, or just get paint on your brush and start painting?


lynne h said...

oh! i love this! xo

Uta said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Ooh its very exciting.

Dean Grey said...


It all depends on what I'm painting.

If it's a still life than I almost always plan it out to a T.

If it's an abstract, I like to be loose and create it as it happens.

Glad you're painting from the Spirit! There's no better way to paint IMHO!