Friday, December 11, 2009

Painting for Paint's Sake

Last night and today I just let the paint speak to me. I didn't let myself censor what I was doing and I didn't let that little negative voice get even one word in. This was purely painting for pleasure. No rules. It began with several washes of various reds and magentas with some goldish yellows here and there. There are many places where I scratched through the paint and for some reason I drew ladders. Tomorrow I'll look at it and decide where to go. Who knows? It might get painted over. Any opinions?


Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Hi Deborah,
Thanks for visiting my blog.I'm so happy to see someone from Wyanne's class come for a visit.
Hey, I love this piece your working on!I really need to jump back into this painting thing but if you went to my etsy shop you could see I'm not a painter.Although I really want to be.Well it inspires me to see your work.You are obviously a painter and I look forward to visiting more........Lisa

Dean Grey said...


I applaud you for painting just to paint. No rules, no rhyme or reason. Just to paint.

I need to do that more often too!

I really like the circles for some reason. Maybe it's their placement, or that they're clumped in threes, or the fact that they're perfectly round.

I just know that I like them there!

I'm curious to see how this develops!


Uta said...

Well you know me, I love all the layers and they are so subtle. I love the little drips and runs all slightly hidden by the red. I love the circles too but it would be nice to see them hidden in the red layers too. Just keep going. More layers, more red and no censor I say.

Deborah Ross said...

Hi Lisa, I'm glad we found each other. You are a wonderful jewelry artist!

Dean, I like the circles, too, no reason...check back and see because I did more to it today.

Hi Uta, thanks for encouraging me. Those little drips are what keep me going. You will have to tell me when to stop the drips, :-)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Very cool start, Deborah. You are doing just the right things--painting with your heart and ignoring your negative voice. Keep going with it!