Monday, September 28, 2009

More Printmaking

This morning my plan was to include cats in a painting with a stamped and painted background. But then, as I was 'researching' on the internet, I found some glorious work. It is by a woman in Alaska named Evon Zerbetz. It stopped me cold. I was fascinated with her crows. You have to check out her linocuts. So I adjusted my plan just a little bit, and carved this little face.

Cat Face

I've had linoleum and Mastercarve here for a year and didn't start using them ( with any goal in mind) til recently. There is just something about that scraping and digging that appeals to me....but I think the best part will be using my inks to color the prints. Remember I said I wouldn't get distracted by something else? This doesn't count, does it? I'm still making stamps, right?


Leslie Hawes said...

When you ink, do you "paint" on the ink, more than one color, and make a single multi-color print, or do you use a brayer and register each color individually?

Deborah Ross said...

Oh...I actually know zero about this and just thought I'd do a single painted with a brush print. There is so much I have to learn.

Sheila said...

Love this kitty! Thanks for pointing us toward Evon's amazing work too.

Dean Grey said...


Brava for jumping in on this project!

This looks quite detailed and must've taken a lot of patience.

So this is almost like a stamp, correct? If so, maybe you can make a whole series of this close-up kitty using a different color for each application.

Now I'm wondering what you'll do next!