Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Scratchboard

Kitchen Orchid

This morning I was so eager to finish was a learning experience. I did find some beautiful scratchboard art at these sites. Greg Murray, Sally Maxwell, Bob Goudreau, Norman Gadinni, Denise Des Lauriers, and Jeanine Nahra. Take a look. 

Now I'm off to my studio to probably get paint or glue on another piece of clothing. I can't remember what famous artist said this, but it so applies to all of us. "I only have two kinds of pants, ones that have paint on them, and ones that will have paint on them."


Uta said...

Wow I have never heard of scratchboard before. How amazing.

Dean Grey said...

I haven't worked with scratchboard in over ten years. After seeing this post I want to try it again!

So Deborah, is this multicolored scratchboard or was it black and white and you simply painted on top of it?

Either way, a really lovely effect.

-Dean said...

Love the effect you achieved with this. Who knew a flower could look so mysterious?

jennifer woodburn said...

This is lovely Deborah. I have always wanted to try scratchboard. Thanks for stopping by my blog!