Thursday, April 9, 2009

These Taxes Are For The Birds

If you wonder where I am, like millions of other Americans, I'm scrambling to get my taxes ready to send next week. So, between that and paying bills, I've been busy. I just hate it when I don't get to paint or draw.

So, while I've been working away at my computer, I have a perfect view of my birdfeeder. It's interesting to notice all the different birds that show up. What is this little guy? A blackbird? He was much smaller than a huge black bird that cruised in, so I'm not sure.

Well, I'll be back soon....with much less money, I'm afraid.


Kim-QOAS said...

Loaded with lots of things you think about I adore how you still manage to come up with a beautiful piece like this:-) Amazing!

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks for your comments about my abstract work - others have said they like my abstracts more also. Since I'm insecure about them, I need the encouragement!
That bird looks like a cow bird to me.

Magpieliscious said...

Yep, a brown headed cow birdshi