Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Painting

What could be more interesting than some squirrel watching? These guys sit here a lot and watch the show in the backyard. 

Shout 1

I've been working with my acrylics, I've painted over a number of things, and I feel like I can't possibly turn out paintings like I do drawings. They are always going to look like they came from two different people. Here's my new one, and tomorrow I'll get back to my self portrait in colored pencils. Acrylics lend themselves to experimentation, and I've been observing what effects I get by glazing different color combinations. This looks luminous in person. I'd love to hear what you think about this piece. Please leave a comment. Thanks.


Uta said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! That's it, I'm lost for words hehehe.

L.Holm said...

Really great reds and love the title. perfect. Also adore the pic of your 2 kitties. I had a Ragdoll who had a big fluffy mane, and later a tan and white named Angel. Miss them both so much.

Dean Grey said...


I love "Shout 1"!

A very simple but interesting abstract painting. I like the symbols running horizontally along the artwork. That's the neatest part!


Paula Villanova said...

Love the colors and textures in this one...and about the cats...does the one on the right have a "lion cut?"

adrienne trafford said...

oh i miss my kitty so much when i look at them sitting at the door!