Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama, Now Doesn't That Sound Good?

I couldn't tear myself away from the tv until about two o'clock, long after President Obama was inaugurated. It was so great to see so many people, braving the cold, waving American flags, wearing Obama knit hats, and chanting, "Yes, we can! Yes, we can!" Well, now it's a reality, and I pray for President Obama to have the strength to accomplish what we all want him to. I pray for him to be safe.

In my in and out time of the studio today, I worked on some more collages ( the one above has obviously not been trimmed yet) and then started a painting of my cute little nephew, Gabriel. I'm listening to my friends now, because so many have said they like my other work but my portraits are the best. I love to do portraits! The only ones I've done have been in colored pencil, so I thought I'd challenge myself to do one in acrylics. We'll see how that goes tomorrow. After that, a self portrait. Ooooooohh...scary. I've had to put my airport picture up to look at it for awhile before I start on it again. I got bogged down in details and knew I had to stop.

 I hope that our leaders will be creative as they examine new ways to deal with old problems.


Chantell Van Erbe said...

Deborah, I was also glued to the TV all day. And did you see The Obamas' first dance at the inaugural ball? Breathtakingly beautiful. Yesterday was a good day.

Can't wait to see some of your portraits too.

Rob Carey said...

Deborah- what grade did you teach? I have been teaching elementary for quite a while myself- I love your paintings- I'll have to check in regularly to see what you're working on. Cheers!

Lucia Arruda said...

Hi, Deborah! Iam a follower of you in the brushspace site and Iam a student of Fabio Cembranelli too. Here in Brazil we are happy too with yuor new President Obama and watched him to take office. Congratulations for yuor President.

butterfly woman said...

10 TV hours of obama, being from his homestate (Illinois) I am even more proud. He has great integrity and love for all humankind, I feel that. I cannot wait to see your acrylic creations, maybe they will become your new medium of choice. Yes, we can be creative with electing a new President and with our own personal creativity. Life is good, I feel renewed energy in the air.

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Lovely to have found your blog.Really interested in your work and I had to get up at 3.00am to see the inauguration but wasn't it wonderful I should like to make a piece about it esp[ecially today with his work already.