Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on the Acrylic Painting

The above work is another collage I tried today, not finished. I was liking it until I added too much white to a glaze, so I 'll have to try something different with it. Just an experiment, anyway.

I had the best surprise today! When I looked at my blog, I noticed I had several new followers. Well, that made me happy, because it's kind of like making new friends. They are people who are saying they like my work, they like reading my blog. Well...one of the new people was my son, Adam. So that made my day. :-)

It doesn't look like it , but I spent hours on the airport painting. It's bigger than I'm used to, about 13x18. Even though portraits are my favorite to do, I'm having a terrible time with the man's face, the man with his leg crossed, I guess you could say the main man. In addition to acrylics, I'm using gel pens. I tried some colored pencil, but the watercolor paper is not a friendly surface. But the gel pens work well, even on top of the paint. It's hard to tell, but the girl's jeans are crosshatched with a white gel pen.

A few weeks ago I started looking at pictures of seeds and pods and I made some sketches from them. Then I started this, which is 16x20. The background is gold acrylic, and I'm using some copper, too. I'm kind of stalled on it, but I'm certain I'll stick with the metallics and some oranges and turquoise, which is departing from the actual seed and pod appearances. They were just a jumping off point.
So, all in all, I feel pleased that I've been able to branch out and try new things. I can always go back to strictly colored pencil if I need to. Of course, I'm about to begin an entry for the CPSA annual juried exhibit, which is in Atlanta, where my sons live. I hope my work will make it in. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Paula Villanova said...

Yikes, looks like you've been super productive! (and creative!) Looks like that time off that you wrote about last Saturday paid off! Nice stuff!

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Deborah, thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is excellent, I really like it because you post great paintings and sketches, photos, you write a lot, there are lots of things . Everything is very well done. Yes, we ( me and my wife) love cats. Thanks for your very nice words about my watercolors. I've linked your blog.Hope you visit me again.All the best in 2009for you, keep in contact!

Chantell Van Erbe said...

It makes me so happy to see you experimenting in collage. And the airport piece is coming along just fine!

Uta said...

Love the collage and your fearlessness to experiment. The airport piece is really coming alive now.