Saturday, August 9, 2008

Serious Stuff

Rebecca's Apples

This is one I did several months ago, in fact, almost a year ago. Boy, does time fly!
I've been thinking about my goals all day because I promised to post them here today. This is more difficult than I thought. I seem to think in a huge, global way. And then I zoom in on one thing and think of nothing else until I'm distracted and then I'll zoom in on another thing. I'm very easily distracted. 
Right now I need a secretary.'s just me. So, here are my goals for this week. They might be changed before long.

Weekly Goals
1. Finish miniatures and the chair with sunflower.
2. Make new labels for finished work.
3. Practice painting at least 5 days.
4. At least one hour a day practice using  Wacom tablet.

Goals to Achieve by November
1. Put my work in one more gallery 
2. Organize business paperwork in one place - a notebook.
3. Find and enter at least one more competition.

I'm still working on a mission statement. All I can say is I want to make the most use of what I have for the good of myself and others.


vanessa said...

Deborah, this is going to be a letter so bare with me. I was so honored when I got your email. I read your profile and my heart was just overwhelmed at your story. You are someone to know. I looked at your picture and I said to myself,"I want to get to know you. Your work is just fantastic and brilliant!!! Your color palette really speaks to me. You've got real talent. Your kind words are such a blessing and a encouragement to me. You have inspired me more than you. We complain about so much. Honestly Deborah, you make me want to go all the way. I too have a heart for children. Urban children. That they would know more than street life, but see the world through books and the arts. Children are a passion for me. I have had 3 miscarriages, and given birth to a stillborn and one beautiful daughter Zoe. We all have a cross to bare and art is a way to express what's inside. Thank you for sharing your art with all of us. Keep moving towards your goal. You and I are going to be friends! I will be coming back to see what you've been up to
Very truly yours,

Serena said...

A lovely painting and I want to wish you the very best with achieving your goals. :)

Deb said...

Goals??? ...what are those???
Distractions? Well, those are why artists may seem snobby and temperamental.

...not me of course!

; )

Susan Carlin said...

Congratulations on working on your intentions, Deborah!
Something about just SAYING them gets the universe to start lining things up just for you. I'm going to love watching the action!

Deborah Ross said...

Thank you all for your encouragement, and please keep after me if I start to flounder. Also, all of you are way more experienced than I am, so critiques will be welcomed. Thanks!