Friday, August 8, 2008


Orange and Kiwis

This isn't a lot to show, but it's all I finished today. Don't ask me where the time goes. I haven't even left the house. My neighbor came over this morning just as I was about to start painting. Well, he stayed for an hour and then when he left I ate lunch and sat here looking at art blogs and then the day was almost gone. But I did put in an hour on this, so I'm trying to keep up my plan of painting each day. 

Oh, yeah.....uh, I did spend some time trying to figure out my new Wacom tablet. 

Yesterday, I saw a post on Susan Carlin's blog  questioning the value of publishing  a mission statement and goals on a blog. She asked for input, and she decided to go ahead and make her mission statement public, as well as her goals. That made me think about doing this, because when I started this blog my intention was to keep a visual journal of my artwork. I wanted to find a way to make myself accountable for making progress  as an artist.So, definitely for me, including my plans and goals makes good sense. In my post tomorrow  I will be ready to share them with you.


Melinda said...

Oh, my. What a delight! This painting of kiwis and orange shows a really strong sense of color, composition and expression. You're on a roll and I hope you never give up! I love that you have posted your goals. It does help doesn't it?
I find that I do the same thing you do as well: Spend the morning checking out other blogs and then, well it's lunchtime...You could say that visiting others' blogs is part of your art education and part of the necessary recharging before heading into the studio!

Deborah Ross said...

Melinda, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there. I guess we should encourage each other to paint more, read less. But, yes, it could be considered educational.....

Susan Carlin said...

Wow... surprised me to find a link to my blog here. Thanks, Deborah! Now tell me about this great orange and kiwi painting- oil? It's wonderful. Tell me more.

Deborah Ross said...

Susan, it's acrylic, I'm scared of oils and all the mess to clean up. I remember the silky feel of blending colors, though. That was way back in college.
I used a photograph I took to do this, I've used it for colored pencil, too. What I love about it is the strong, bright colors.