Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rolling Around, Fast

All day long I've been rolling around, screeching around corners, my hair wildly flying.....wait, that's not true. Ok. Let's go back to rolling around, maybe sort of fast. And the reason is that today I was just in the zone, you know? It's 7:30pm and after I finish this post and eat something, I'm going back to the studio the start a new piece. 

Gourds From Georgia
This is a piece I finished last fall and put it away, because I just didn't like it. But when I looked at it again yesterday, I realized what was wrong, because now I'm a year smarter. It needed the punch of some more colors, so when I finished I thought it looked pretty good. What do you think?

Autumn Sunlight
This was one I worked on this week. Do you recognize that bowl? My sister Ellen made it in college, but it lives here now. I love the irregularities in finish.

A good friend told me she had been to a marketing class and was told that an artist needed to start a following by selling very cheap, small paintings until people would accept paying more for larger work. So today I was admiring  Tracy Helgeson's   beautiful, softly colored paintings and pastels on her blog, and I tried to do something similar. Mine is only 5x7, I don't know why it looks so huge here. Well, it doesn't  look like Tracy's, but I think it might be ok. And I wanted an excuse to use some of the light molding paste I've had sitting here. Has anyone tried this strategy on ebay or etsy?


Cathy Gatland said...

I love all the colours in your gourd paintings - they really glow on the dark ground. I like that bowl too - irregularity is much more interesting than perfection!
Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Deborah,
I enjoyed seeing your blog and I like "Autumn Sunlight"..The chair facing out of the painting gives this painting a serious mood, like someone just left the room..rather
melancholy, like fall can be. Also, the chair's cast shadow adds a strong note to the whole.