Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jumping In

Well, it's official. I am actually a seller on Etsy! I'll be adding items all day and if you check my little store, which you can do by clicking on the the add on the right, you will see more than my art work for sale. That's right....if you don't know me well, you'll get to see my jewelry for the first time. All of my jewelry is made from gemstones and sterling silver. The prices are very reasonable because I'm phasing it out. I really enjoyed making it for a few years, but now all my energy and time are devoted to art.


Lexy. said...

Woohoo! You've had two sales too!!

How exciting is that?! Have fun!!

andrea said...

Cograts -- 2 sales already. Wow. Your prices are very reasonable and you have some lovely items there! (I just checked out your rabbit post after picking a bunch of tomatoes. We have a lot of wild rabbits in the neighbourhood but we seem to have escaped their discovery. Maybe because my plants are right at the front of the house.)