Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Covered With Paint

Most of this afternoon and evening I was in my studio seriously working on color theory. This is where I'm lacking in my art education. I have to find a mentor for color.
It seems like just about all my paintings end up having gold in them. And the three colors in 'Blue Spring' are just about my favorite combination, so I'll probably use them a few more times in other works. It's all about what feels right. I love the textures in my paintings, and they make my work feel right to me. Now I need to find someone else who is searching for what I'm painting!
I was all alone in my studio today. No Perry stepping on my work, no Cooper meowing under my feet. No, they are wise cats. They saw and heard my blow dryer going in there so they're staying away. I think they took over the guest room all day.
Tomorrow I'll finish 'Blue 2' and then I think I need to switch gears for awhile. Maybe a realistic painting or a pencil drawing. Pencil would feel easy compared to the mess the paint makes. I looked down at the floor today and noticed a big splotch of gold on my chair. I guess I need to check my chair before I go out in public now!

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