Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Out of Breath!

Holy cow! I just saw my name on PCD and I remembered that my poor blog has once again been languishing here for a month or so. Things have been  happening in my studio, but not anything spectacular to show right now. Lots of experimenting. Above are some magnets.

A business card case.

Starting next Tuesday I'll be teaching a beginning polymer clay class and I thought light switch covers would be a great way to start. Here are some I've made as examples. 


Wendy Moore said...

Deb I have just checked in to your new re-energised blog. WOW!!!! YOur work is stunning. I love the blue and ivory looking necklace and the amber looking one. But most of all, that gorgeous sculptured face!!!! If making jewellery doesn't FEEL like creating, have fun creating and I am sure you will soon feel like "creating jewellery" but it will be jewellery that feels different and that is more of an expression of you and your response to things. Anyway, I hope you do keep blogging. I'll keep checking! Much love and thank you for sharing your work with us! Wendy

k.l.richardson said...

I love what you have done so far with polymer...rock on! And I am with Wendy; you have to find the creative in you and it make bust out with a brand new type of jewelry. It happened with me. I like the things I was making with gems and stone but when I started on the polymer it was so much fun. It (for me) was very liberating and creative. Looking forward to more of your creations in the future!