Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Studio Gets a Shot in the Arm!

For almost a week my son was here visiting from Florida. I was so anxious to see him because it had been 8 months since we'd seen each other, and really more than two years since we had enough time to enjoy a visit. What a great time we had! But the poor thing was met with a list of deficiencies in my house and he was such a sport to tackle everything and even add more fixes that he and his sister thought of. She took two days off work to help him and then gave up one of her precious weekend days to come over and work again. 

The most needy place was, of course, my studio. My son thought of moving my tables around which was genius because it now feels like I have twice the space. The long table is devoted to polymer and air dry clay projects.

This is the door to the garage and even some drawers that are still empty! I'm sure they will fill up fast.

My son put these shelves together and then we bought some bins to fill up....didn't take long.

This is the ramp to my house which takes up almost one whole wall, but it seems smaller now.

This is the table I used for all my clay projects before, but now it will be devoted to drawing and painting.
The most wonderful change was the lighting. He thought of replacing my dim ceiling fixture with a large  fixture with daylight bulbs. What a difference!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow--does your son do studio consultations?? How nice to have the help. I could probably help you do your space, but mine is another thing altogether!

May you create with renewed vigor and joy!

muleears said...

Your work with all the beads is so beautiful!!! It looks so original, but very wearable with lots of differrent stlyes- Keep it up!!!

christy murray said...

Deb, your studio is wonderful..i miss seeing all your other work in Blue Skies too! you have so many great talents to share!!