Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Pendant

 Busy weekend.....lots of ideas and not enough time to execute them all. I keep drawing in my sketchbooks, hoping that my notes and sketches will remind me of the essence of the plan when I get to it. Anyway, above is a bracelet in happy shiny colors. 

This is my new pendant idea. The clay ( Pardo) is extremely clear, more so than shows in this picture. I used shiny brass wire and lots of wrapping to add a little mystery to the piece. It's not finished....wait til you see how it ends up!

Aren't these luscious looking beads? This is a necklace with an under the sea flavor. Some of the beads look like coral and others like some living creatures.
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martinealison said...

Vos créations sont de véritables chefs-d'oeuvre. Je vous félicite... J'aurais beaucoup de mal à faire un choix parmi ces trois bijoux...