Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where is My Muse?

Where is my muse? I think she went on vacation. I have eight, that's 8, paintings started and abandoned in various states. I've been seriously working on a 24x24 painting for my son's Christmas gift, and there is only one little thing to do to finish it and I keep putting if off while I waste my time here on the computer. That is one thing I must finish so I can mail it. Can't carry that on the plane.
Did I tell you that I'm going to Florida for Christmas? If things work out I will have all three of my children with me for awhile. We haven't all been together since May of 2008. And I'll get to see my little granddaughter! It's about time to do a portrait of her. Well, that would be one more thing on my list. I'm just going to have to force myself here, muse or no muse.
Meanwhile, I've found another artist whose work intrigues me.
Go to to see her work.


Uta said...

Sometimes you just work too hard without taking the time to fill the creative well. Your planned Christmas sounds like it will be good for you.

Just checked out Lynne Hoppe's blog. Its delightful so I just had to add it to my bookmarks :)

Dean Grey said...


It just sounds like your muse is busy doing a whole bunch of things at once. I'd be more concerned if you didn't want to create anything at all.

Maybe after seeing your family for the holidays you'll feel recharged enough to finish all those paintings!