Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Updates on Steampunk and Cheerios

Gosh, I apologize for the blurry photos. Just like my mom used to say, you can't do two things at once and do them both well. I was also trying to talk to my daughter on the phone, holding my phone on my shoulder. Anyway, here is an update on my cheerios.....not seriously. Can you see the little .coms, @s and barcodes? I've been doing this in layers, so you can see below the surface.

Don't shriek or turn off your computer! This is just the beginning of some flowers I'm painting, 12x12 on Ampersand's new board, I forget what it's called. The surface is kind of slippery for liquid acrylics, which I thought would work well. I'm also using molding paste for texture. Fun! I have to do alot of work on the flowers, this is just the underpainting.

And.....da ta da!....my redone Steampunk jewelry. These are showing up just a little larger than actual size. Ok. Bedtime. Tomorrow I'll allow myself two hours to visit blogs I've been absent from. So see you there.


Manon Doyle said...

Lots to see on your blog today!! Love it!! Paintings are fabulous!! I've used Ampersand's board a lot in my paintings but not the new board.
Steampunk jewelry is very cool!

Sheila said...

Steampunk sounds like it would be a catchy name for a line of jewelry! Love the decked out Cheerios and the texture in the flower painting.

Uta said...

Ooh wow!

Tatieva said...

Oh, j'adore tous ces petits coeurs-croissants sucrés avec des engrenages de montres ! J'aime les mécanismes et je suis ravie !

Momo Luna said...

Love the jewelry, cool name also. Your paintings always seems to cheer me up, i love your bright, happy colours.

Dean Grey said...


Cheerios painting? Now it's starting to make sense! What fun!

The Steampunk jewelry looks great! I like the extra texture you added to them. They look like real professional pieces!