Friday, September 4, 2009


Today has been a full one and I was making art all day, but there is nothing to post tonight. I'm not doing so well on my painting a day promise, am I? I fully intend to paint all weekend and have paintings for every day next week, plus the two miniatures I started today and a portrait in colored pencil, started yesterday. So, come back.


Uta said...

I'll be back. Can't wait!

Jeanne said...

I am anxious to see your colored pencil portrait. I painted two 5"x5" in oils yesterday and today but I have not posted it yet. I like to scan my images on my scanner and can do that when I work in acrylics but the oils don't dry that fast. I like trying do paint a painting a day. I like the challenge. Jeanne

Kim said...

hi Deborah
your blog is listed at TAD
Please consider sending me an image and bio when you have time ..
thanks for linking to TAD ..

cheers Kim aka laketrees