Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catching Up on August Paintings

Here is another version of the vegetables I did last month, or was it the month before? Time is just slipping away.

I'm also painting two miniatures, they are both 4x4. I've only started on this. Lots of more details to come. Those are cardinals, if you were wondering. I'm using photos I took in my backyard.

I finally replaced an old etching that needs a new frame. The large one is a drawing I did a few years ago. It didn't sell in the gallery, so I took it home. The top small one is a pear by Jacqueline Gnott, which I'm very fortunate to have. And the other small one is a dog by me.

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Jeanne said...

Oh Deborah, I love your veggies, the colors are beautiful. I also like the paintings over your couch. It is very hot here but thank God for air conditioning. I taught this morning and this afternoon I painted on my new 6" x 6". Almost done. Jeanne