Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Hi....I've been busy but I haven't produced any art work worth posting. I have a few things started, but nothing finished. There are three boxes, 5x7, that have been painted and had little feet added, but I can't figure out how to decorate them. I know I want to use some polymer clay, but I guess I'm stalling. And I have a painting of some daylilys but it's not finished. Also an 8x24 landscape which was based on a color scheme I saw in a magazine ad. So, I'll be back with a lot of things to post soon. I hope you are working on some exciting projects, too.


danadpatterson said...

You're not stalled, its just time for dancing in the sun, that's all!

I'll be right here, waiting for new stuff from you when it arrives.

L.Holm said...

I've been pulled away from the easel and computer for the past several weeks, so sure understand!
love tiger lilies!

Shweta Bhat said...

Superb! I have seen a flower like this..!


Jeanne said...

Oh My God Deb, that lily is gorgeous,now I know I am deleting my red lily. Love Your blog. Jeanne

Dean Grey said...


I pull the "I haven't gotten around to finishing any of my paintings" trick too and post a photo of something in the meantime!

Don't feel bad. Great minds think alike!

-Dean (^_^)