Thursday, April 2, 2009

Butterfly, Details

Hi. I hope you all had a super day, because I did. And unlike a lot of people, I don't have to have other people around to have a great day. Not that I don't like to socialize, I do. But when I paint, I like to be alone. So this is one of the things I worked on today. In person it's so much more vibrant, and you can see the tiny details that are not so evident in the photo. Any suggestions?


Uta said...

Hey looking good!!! I must try and find a copy of that book. Looks like there are some interesting things to do with mediums. If you want to get rid of the shine from gloss mediums you can coat it with matte varnish once your piece is finished and the shine disappears. Of course you might want to keep the shine but I just thought I'd mention it :)

Helen Read said...

Its been a little while since dropping by - good to see you still at work! :) I'll check back soon!

Ascender Rises Above said...

I like doing art alone as well; impossible to do with others around. I also don't like people looking over my shoulder when I create.
Are you asking how to take a photo of the collage to see the tiny details? Does your camera have a "macro" setting on it; if so - shoot no further away then 8-9 inches; do the cropping in photoshop or whatever program you have.
I will drop you an email tomorrow - thanks for stopping by and looking over my blog,

Dean Grey said...


The thing I like the most about this painting is the colors.

If you think about it, you used the basic primary colors here.

The butterfly (a bright) blue, the flowers (deep) red, and the background is a (dulled down brownish) yellow.

Was that planned or just a fluke on your part?


Abstractheart said...

I really like this painting the colors are beautiful. The deep red flowers and the beautiful blue butterfly. I have a hard time taking photos of my paintings because of the gloss I use.