Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I was having so much fun in my studio today that I didn't want to come out. If the body could keep going, the mind and spirit sure can. However.....anyway, I want to show you what I've been up to the past few days. I decided to spend a little time seeing if I could come up with some stamps to use in my backgrounds. I really like that look, especially the way Uta Mooney, of Australia, does it. She manages to still have a whisper of her background show through her paintings. Really beautiful.  So here are my new stamps, which were fun and fast to do. I'm sure I could improve, but they look good for now. What do you  think?

I finished all of the collages I will send to Dale Copeland in New Zealand for the International Collage Exchange. I don't know how she does it. We all send a dozen collages and she shuffles them so that we all get eleven back from all different people. And one collage is put up for sale in a show. So how great is that? So, these are two of the collages. What do you think? I have alot of fun making them.


Uta said...

Thanks for the link Deborah. I feel like a star. Keep up the good work on your collages.

Uta said...

ps Love the stamps!!!

Laura said...

Back in town and went to your site to "catch up" on your creations. The white kitty with them bumble bee certainly stole my heart. The collages were fun to study. I love that you have such a great studio in your home.