Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hours Off the Job

Happy Saturday. I guess I was celebrating something today, acting as if I had time off from my job or something. I mean, being an artist is my job, and that's an everyday, whenever the creativity strikes you, or not, job. It has to be fulltime or nothing gets done. That's how it is with me anyway. I don't wake up like when I was a teacher, and know it is or isn't a work day. My art job is everyday.  And believe me, I'm joyous about being an artist fulltime. I'm thankful to have the time to paint everyday.

 Well, my point. My point is....all I can call myself today is lazy. I woke up at 7:30, sat on the bed brushing my cats for an hour, fixed a big breakfast, and got sucked into to internet for three hours! And that's not the worst part, oh, no. The worst part is that my eyes were so tired from looking at the computer screen, that I had to take a two hour nap! So, added up, I wasted six hours today. Six hours when I could have been finishing up my airport painting.

 If I were not paralyzed I'd kick myself in the butt.


butterfly woman said...

I love your writings, so honest and from the heart and I can so relate. I too am an artist who treats that as my full-time job but I think we all need a break from it. It's not being lazy, it's just restoring our energy, playing, filling the well, as Julia Cameron might say.
I must say your photo is quite beautiful with its sepia tones. Worth painting?
P.S. I get sucked into the internet too but it's so much fun exploring. I get so inspired by other artists that I'm rearing to be creative myself afterwards. Like now I'm inspired by you!

Paula Villanova said...

Lazy?...No, sounds luxurious to me...nice to take a day off here and there...and necessary too! Don't probably work late into the night at times or early in the morning...(and your cats probably thought you were working pretty hard, brushing them for an hour!) Yes, we have to be disciplined as artists but we have to play too!

Sharon Wright said...

What a relief to know I am not the only one! But this sums up most of my mornings and it has to stop.

Sharon Wright said...

Oooops! I meant to say that I can not ignore the emails, and I have to reply, consequently ending up on fascinating blogs to explore! Case in point, your work is very exciting, I shall probably be here awhile!

Chantell Van Erbe said...

You take your time, Deborah. Time in the studio is time not well spent if your mind is on other things. Feel better!