Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life With Eliana In It

It seems as if I've been gone forever! Florida was fun and meeting my new granddaughter was wonderful, as well as spending time with my favorite girl, her mommy. Life will be a little different now because I'm looking forward to the happiness I know being a grandmother will bring me. I'm going to miss them alot, but I'm so ready to get back to my artwork. 

Eliana with her uncle Nathaniel.

Uncle Adam taking charge of burping.

Right before I left for my visit to Florida, I had ordered some gel pens online and  was so eager to try using them in Florida, but someone stole them from my art bag, which was mistakenly left in the hotel lobby overnight. Can you believe it? Goodbye, thirty two dollars. 

I wish I could remember who brought this up on her blog about two weeks ago, but she discussed the purpose of an art blog. She questioned the value of a blog ( for artists who want to make a business of their art) which contains information that doesn't pertain to the artwork. I thought about this a lot, because I like to share some personal information. I feel like I've made lots of blogging friends, and I find it interesting to read about their families, etc. In the next two weeks I'll be setting time aside each day to make notes about what I want to achieve in 2009. Recently it has really hit home that this is it, I don't get to live this life again. I have to do it right now or never.  By January first, I plan to have my goals, short and long term, ready to act upon. I hope you, my blogging friends, will give me stern criticism if I wander too far off my path. I plan to stick to colored pencil and portraits, but to branch out into some mixed media and collage. And I will try to keep my blog more of a show place for finished work that can be purchased through PayPal.
Next year should be exciting with  new leadership in the White House.  I can't wait to see what 2009 holds for all of us.


Uta said...

Beautiful beautiful baby granddaughter!
Now as for artist's blogs being about personal stuff, isn't our daily life part of our artwork? I think its great to read an artists day to day stuff as well as viewing their work. It gives you a greater understanding of them which in turn gives you a greater understanding of their art. I know some artists create a seperate blog displaying their artwork for sale and another more personal blog.
Glad you are back :) I've missed you. Wrote a post on my blog for you, explaining my technique step by step.
Happy holidays Deborah

Erika Nelson said...

Eliana is simply adorable and totally snuggly looking Deb, congratulations!!!

I'm sorry about your pens! :( I once forgot my artbin at a McDonald's and I came back within 5 minutes and there wasn't a trace of it. It had hundreds of dollars worth of pen and ink art supplies WAH

I hope you plan to participate the latet Different Strokes, deadline to decide is midnight!!!

Serena said...

A beautiful baby and already spoiled, I

Personally, I feel that websites are where artists should focus on selling their art. I feel that blogs are more a personal a daily journal. I actually prefer to visit blogs that also give the reader glimpses of the blogger's character and personal life. It makes for a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It's fine if they want to advertise their art for sale or their website via their blog too but the personal aspect is really what I enjoy most.

Serena said...

I meant to add that I'm so sorry that your gel pens were stolen. Such a shame that some people have no respect for another person's property.

Cathy Gatland said...

Your granddaughter is gorgeous - what a joy for your family.
I like to read a bit about artist's lives - it's all a background to what they do - agree that websites are more hard-sell, blogs are far friendlier.... And sorry about your pens! How annoying and expensive - hope Santa brings you some more!?

Deborah Paris said...

Beautiful granddaughter!

I think art bloggers all have to find their comfort zone. I finally set up a separate site - a sales blog- because I didn't want "buy it now buttons" all over my regular blog. so far, that seems to be working.

Dean Grey said...

Deborah, your granddaughter is adorable. I'm sure you'll be doing many paintings of her soon. Oh, and her uncles look pretty darn cute too! (Just had to say it).

I agree with what others have said....your blog is well, your blog. You should post whatever you want.

I see nothing wrong with mixing personal and professional subject matter together.

The professional stuff lets us see what you can do and the personal stuff lets us see who you are.

Let's hope the gel pens explode in the pockets of whoever stole them from you!