Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Painting

I'm still painting today because I won't get to hold this adorable bundle until next month. She has brown hair, pretty much for a newborn. Isn't she a cutie? Her name is Eliana Cathleen.

Today I think I finished my pond painting and I'm going to start another before the evening is over. And it will be very different than what I've done before.


Serena said...

She's adorable! And congratulations on be a grandmother, Deborah! :)

Alice Thompson said...

She is so Pretty! I have that heart symbol stored on my computer from my Ebay Store. All you have to do is highlight that heart symbol(left click and hold)... release... right click and you will get a copy and paste option to use whenever you want ♥♥♥

Uta said...

She is so cute and very alert. She's definitely a keeper. kiss kiss hug hug

mazalart said...

Hi Deborah,
Thanks for the lovely note on my blog. My ego thanks you as well.
Eliana has become a popular name in Hebrew as well. It mean "My God has answered" (my prayers).
Eli = My God
Ana = answered.
Enjoy her, and I am sure that she will bring you joy as well!
I've got to run now, but I will check your artwork later today.

Helen Read said...

Congratulations - she's beautiful and I'm sure will be a great joy to you!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

YAY! New babies ROCK!
So happy for you.