Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

I am so relieved that I have finally produced something worthwhile! Yea! My slump must be over. Phew!
This little guy ( or girl?) was peacefully taking a snooze in the dirt when we went to the Lafayette Zoo a few weeks ago. We wanted to photograph lions, zebras, and monkeys. But...we only got really good shots of this guy and  some giraffes. There seemed to be only one kind of monkey there, and they moved too fast to photograph.

I have decided to close my Etsy shop. Although it's a great site, and I have bought some really nice things on it, it just wasn't for me. Now I need to find at least one more gallery, and set up my blog to sell my almost daily work. That will keep me on my toes.


Teresa Mallen said...

Sweet dreams indeed! The pig looks so content that it makes me want to take a nap...I especially like all of the colours you put into the shadows.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Deborah! Love this guy! You caught him/her having happy pig dreams......nice drawing!

Alice Thompson said...

Hey Ms. Deborah, Your piggy is a cutie. Also I was checking to see if you've tackled the NYSE yet.
I'll be keeping an eye on you.

Serena said...

OH, he's adorable! I have always been partial to pigs as I used to collect the ornamental variety. A wonderful rendition, Deborah!

On another note, I'm so glad you commented on my blog today as I haven't seen any updates from you for awhile in my Bloglines Reader. Your comment prompted me to check out your blog and I realised that it hadn't been updating the new posts by you in my Bloglines. I think it may have been the feed error so I hope I have corrected the problem now.

Lexy. said...

Oh, look at his furry ears!!

You've got his expression down perfectly :)

Tatieva said...

Oh oh, trop mimi ce petit cochon tout rose, I love !
Kisses from France,