Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Many Ways Can You Paint a Chair?


I seem to be getting good mileage out of my little chair that I picked up at a little antique/junk store.
This is a piece I started yesterday and then worked on for a few hours today. So tomorrow, maybe, it will be finished. I'm trying to use a warmer palette than I've used on my other chair pieces and I like it so much better. But, it was fun to use purple on the paper bag's shadow in that larger piece I did a few weeks ago.

After looking at seemingly hundreds of artists' blogs, I have come to the conclusion that I should start trying to sell my art online. I have many large pieces, over 8x10, which are already framed. But I don't have smaller work. I'm trying to paint a small work each day, but it seems like I just can't fit what I do on anything smaller than 8x10. I've been thinking of doing some cards or something to add to my paintings. Is there anyone out there, reading this now, who can give me some advice? Should I go Ebay, or Etsy, or Zazzle, or Imagekind? How many items do I need to have ready before I start selling? Has anyone had a bad experience with one of these?

When I walked into the Farm Fresh today, these gorgeous gladiolas were sitting there with a sign saying '$3.99'. Well, how could I leave them there? The florist found these in the back for me and I think they were the prettiest of all. So of course I will paint or draw them, or maybe both.

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Ambera said...

etsy is great, ebay also. I would go to one of the two, probably etsy is a better choice because it's well suited for what you do.