Thursday, July 17, 2008

This shirt is very time intensive! I have to keep looking at it and adding just a little, looking again,etc. I really think the shirt adds to the character, don't you? He really was the nicest guy, though. 

I was invited to participate in a miniature show, and so I decided to start that now before I miss the deadline. In case you don't know what a miniature show entails, it's a show where everyone has to keep their work under a certain size, and in this case the size is 6"x6".  I'm doing two, which is what the invitation specified. I have lots of pool pictures I took a few weeks ago, so I'm using them for reference. One, as you can see ( but not very clearly, I'm afraid.....sorry about the picture quality) is of a lifeguard, and the other is of two love birds in the water. I plan on using other photos to do a closer portrait of the lifeguard because she was so cute.

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Susan Carlin said...

Deborah! I'm so glad you left a comment, because it led me to your wonderful blog and your wonderful paintings. I can see we share a love of portraits, for a start!