Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is not the shot I cropped! I swear, I think this photo program in out to get me. This happens all the time....I crop a picture, upload it, and it shows up differently. But it's Photoshop Elements and I've always used it, so what's going on? Well, those stripes on the bottom are a chair cushion, not part of the picture. Now that I see this in a photo, I realize there's nothing exciting going on here. Initially, I was interested in the shadow. Tomorrow I'll work on this and see if I can get it to be more dramatic.
Do you see something different about his face? After some suggestions from a new friend, I went back in and added some color to his face. It's much more interesting to look at now. Thanks, Susan.


Deb said...

Oh here you are!
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
This guy is GREAT! I love portraits that get a little edgy and this one does it!

Sharon Wright said...

Hi Deborah,
So pleased to meet you, I stopped by to thank you for your visit, and comment, and spent some very enjoyable time getting to know you. Love this blog, your zest for life, your humour. And this portrait is amazing, the shirt and viewpoint suggest menace, and then you get the cutest, round, smiley adorable face. Stopped me in my tracks!

Alvin R. said...

Beautifully rendered. I saw the photo of this chap from an earlier posting and you have really captured his essence. Bravo!

Your story is inspiring to me.

What I have learned the most about painting, is that it is a bit like training for a race. The more you run, the fitter you become. The more time you spend in the studio, you become less fearful and paint with more assurance. After even a brief hiatus....you become a bit rusty and part of the flow and ease is gone.

ps- Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.