Friday, June 27, 2008

Back With the Pencils Again

Boy, it feels good to be holding my pencils again. I don't know what I've been through, but I do know I haven't really produced any art for about a month. Felicia was here to visit me last weekend and we explored downtown Hampton on Saturday afternoon. There were some cute shops and I got a huge birdhouse for my backyard, an antique chair, some old boxes, and an old 7-Up crate. Also some interesting shells. Of course these things are all for my artwork. I also found some sunflowers at Trader Joe's that I just had to buy and photograph sitting on top of the antique chair. Well, I look forward to drawing all of my new purchases as well as some portraits I've been wanting to get back to.
This is what I've worked on all day and I'm not quite finished. For some reason I've used a much lighter touch with the pencils and there is not enough definition. I have to look at in the morning to decide what to do.

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