Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A New Direction

We had some crazy weather today... first thunder and lightening, heavy rain then sun and breeze, then wild wind, more thunder and lightening, then hail the size of popcorn. Cooper and I watched the hail ping off my table and chairs  on the deck and Perry slept through the whole day, unperturbed. What a temperment!

I wanted to start a collage for the longest time and I couldn't decide what the subject should be but today I thought I'd do a self portrait with a lot of meaningful pieces. I've thought about doing a self portrait for awhile, but unfortunately this is  too late to submit for a competition I'd wanted to do. Since tomorrow is the last day I work at school for this year, I'll be able to devote more time to art. I'm so excited. Can't wait! I swear I'll get organized this summer and put my art before everything and treat it like a business. 

Okay, you may  be looking at this and saying to yourself ( or out loud)....'What the hell????' But honestly, there is a plan taking shape here. Only I know, of course. I hope I can finish this by Thursday night, so check back.....


Sharon said...

Hi Deborah, this is stunning. If it wasn't finished, I hope you get to work on it. I will be checking back to see it. You are so brave to do a self protrait.
Also, I wanted to thank you for visiting me and say such nice things. I hope you will come again.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You know, it jogged my thinking of the self portrait. It wouldn't HAVE to be a painting WOULD IT? :D
I like it.