Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nibble, Nibble

Long story short....my tooth broke, I spent hours in the dentist's chair yesterday and today, I wrote a big check, the end. Ouch.
The works of two artists have mesmerized me lately. They are Andrea Pratt and Brenda York. There are links to them in my favorite artists' list. Their work is so bold, so colorful, so fun, so original. That's it. They are both so original. They have such distinct voices and I envy them. They are where I'm trying to go. So check them out.

Yesterday morning I noticed that the lilies I'd bought at the grocery store where blooming in a riot of color, so of course I took pictures. This is what I've accomplished when I wasn't at the dentist's office. Tomorrow I have to work but I should have it finished by Thursday or Friday.

In the off minutes of my days, I sneak into my studio and continue getting acquainted with my acrylics, and I have to say, it is so unbelievably wonderful to spend my time that way.

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andrea said...

Thanks, Deb -- you are very kind to mention me and my work! And great start to the lilies painting.(Now that the pain of your broken tooth is gone, I hope the pain to your bank account goes soon, too :)