Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gloomy Tuesday

Well, I didn't feel gloomy, it just looked that way outside. So, I worked on my taxes for hours, and unless I made a mistake ( and believe me, I'm really hoping I did), I'll be writing a large check to the IRS. To break up the intensity of the day I worked on Bird Dog again and he's almost finished. I added lots of blues and purples in his fur. What do you think?

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Lexy said...

Hi Deborah,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! And hey, with friends it's not about age, it's about the conversation, right? Really, that was a lovely thing to say.
This one stood out for me. (I've got a soft spot for those four-legged people) I LOVE his sparkly eyes! That's what brings him to life.
And you'll have fun with the lino blocks. The background in my kookaburra piece was made with a lino block print that I cut out - and I've got the scar to prove it! (probably why you shouldn't move on to scalpels when your lino tools get blunt...)