Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Loads of Fun

I mean it! I had loads of fun today. I've reorganized my studio so I can swing around from pencils to paint and back again. I just have to remind myself to dress accordingly. With the pencils you can wear anything and only get smudges on your hands, but with the paint...well, it's hello bag lady. I'm glad no one rang my doorbell today.
'Leslie's Peppers' are done except for minor improvements. So I turned to my paint and got some things going on a sort of abstract landscape. It might get more abstract as we go along, but I hate to use that word to describe my paintings. I don't really know what they are, but I sure have fun painting them. I'm going to get a few finished and enter a show and find a gallery for them. So, while my layers of glazing were drying I swung back around and started work on a floral, which I have never done before. And I'm not even a fan of floral art work, but this is a photo I took last year in my front yard, and the colors are lucious. I hope I can replicate them with the pencils.

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