Friday, January 4, 2008

Some New Work

Well, sorry these are a little crooked and not cropped. but they are rough peeks at some of my new work, and where am I going with this? Who knows! I think this has been repressed since kindergarten days. I've always loved bright colors, glitter, sparkles, iridescent colors and texture. I'm sure my mom never encouraged this. Too messy. That was her final NO...if she said too messy we knew she'd never waiver. Well, she had five kids to clean up after, so I can't blame her. But now I can indulge myself in my little studio, my most favorite place. So I can't tell you what I'm trying to achieve or express, but I do know I'm going where my heart leads me. So check back in a few days to see these completed, because I have many more glazes to add to each one. And PLEASE leave comments, don't be afraid to be honest.

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