Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

One Equals One Minus Y

Wow! All of a sudden it's time to pack for my trip to Florida. I can't wait to see Rebecca and Scott's house, and to meet Adelaide, of course! Today I caught up on grocery shopping ( well, not groceries for me, but for Cooper and Perry), did laundry and other various household chores that take up valuable art time. I'm posting the third 6x6 and a commission that I have to finish soon, it' s for a Christmas gift. It's Kaylin, Ed and Kim's granddaughter. I've really enjoyed drawing her sweet little face. There's just something about a baby's face that I can't get out of drawing a pumpkin or gourd.


Kim said...

I'm so excited to see Kaylin's portrait! You are so awesome!!

Kim said...
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